Our vision

SIMQAM staff includes a team of academically qualified engineers who have wide range of experience in several countries with different climatic conditions involving design and construction of multi-million dollar irrigation and related projects.  Our engineers are experienced in designing:

Agricultural Irrigation System

Center Pivot, Linear move, Traveler, Side roll, Solid set, Micro spray, Drip, Green house etc.

Landscape Irrigation System

City Parks, Amusement parks, Highway beautification projects, City beautification, Residential complex, Airport complex, etc,

Golf Course Irrigation System

We have designed many prominent Golf Course projects around the word including Middle East, Europe and North America. This includes 18 to 72 hole Golf Course projects using sophisticated control systems.

Sports Field Irrigation System

We have designed many sports fields including soccer field to FIFA standards, Cricket Stadium, Camel Race Track,  Horse Race Track, etc.,

Consultancy & Project Management Package

We also offer complete project package including design, drawings (CAD), bill of materials, project budget, technical & tender specifications and project commissioning.

We have a team of Auto CAD technicians who are well versed and experienced in ACAD design and drawings

Turnkey Projects

I addition to our consultancy package, we also can supply complete material requirements for the project and supervision of construction including training of field staff.  Consultancy and Material supply shall be treated as separate entities.