SIMQAM warrants its products against any defects when stored, transported, installed and operated as instructed by the manufacturer’s operational manual. This warranty is subject to conditions stipulated here below;

SIMQAM products are guaranteed to be made of first class materials and in a professional and workman like manner.  They are additionally warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment unless otherwise;
a) specified by and subject to the terms and conditions of warranty supplements pertaining to
    certain SIMQAM products, or
b) expressively disclaimed in writing by SIMQAM
All products are warranted under the manufacturer’s warranty conditions. Replacement or repair of authorized returns found to be mechanically or electrically defective upon inspection within the guarantee period constitutes fulfillment of all obligation under this warranty. SIMQAM reserves the right to decide between repair and replacement. SIMQAM assumes no responsibility for the proper installation of the products listed in this website or supplied by SIMQAM or for labor costs involved in repair or replacement.
This warranty is expressively conditioned upon the proper storage, installation and application of the product as recommended by SIMQAM.
Any part proven defective within one year from the date of shipment will be replaced free of charge ex-works, on return of such defective part to SIMQAM for inspection.  No parts however, shall be returned without written prior authorization from SIMQAM.
This warranty is effective only, if written notification using SIMQAM’s official claim form, which can be obtained, upon request. We neither assume nor authorize any representative or other person to assume for us any other liability in connection with the sale or any shipment of our products.
There are no warranties expressed or implied, except such warranties as are definitely set forth herein.  SIMQAM shall not be liable for damage or wear and tear caused by chemicals or foreign objects.  No obligations other than those herein set forth shall be binding upon SIMQAM.
SIMQAM shall in no event to be held liable for damages or delay caused by defective material and no allowance will be made for repairs or alterations, unless made by its written consent or approval.
Equipment and accessories not manufactured by SIMQAM are guaranteed only to the extend of and by the original manufacturer’s guarantee.
Under no circumstances shall SIMQAM be held liable for any consequential or other damages, losses or expenses arising from installation, use or any other cause, regardless of advices or recommendations that may have been rendered concerning such installation or use of its products, nor shall SIMQAM be liable for penalties.
There is no exception to the above unless specifically agreed upon and conferred in writing.